Introducing a New World of Opportunities

Hire and manage your remote team based in France

We help US startups and large corporations to set up remote teams in France.

We offer French engineers the opportunity to work for the best and most promising startups while remaining in France and with a local support because we believe in a human approach of working remotely.



 You help to source, recruit, onboard and support your remote team in France



We know how to source the best engineers in France


We onboard  so that they feel they are part of your team


We hire them for you as your local team


We bring a local and human touch to your management

You are an engineer based in France

You want to work remotely for a US startup or corporation, we help you secure your position and we support you locally in your everyday life with your US management.

Examples of positions

If you want to work for the most promising   startups, you feel your English is good enough and want to have the flexibility of remote working with a local human support, feel free to send your resume

DevOps Engineer

Manage technical business operations and the installation of software applications, optimize software application performance, perform debugging, install updates and develop scripts to automate visualization.

Data Analyst

Manage data requirements for platform, present information about products and services to business partners, develop product roadmap,and communicate with stakeholders about projects. 

Java Developer

Will fix production issues, provide feedback, coordinate activities, analyze requirements and provide support. Bachelor’s degree and 2+ years’ related experience required

Software Test Engineer

Manage, develop and deliver strategies in quality assurance, develop and manage QA metrics, engage with the product team, and design and execute tests for each release. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are needed.

Senior PHP Developer

The sr. PHP developer will implement features, improve code, and eliminate bugs. Must have at least five years’ experience working with PHP and completing more than 20 successful sites/projects. English fluency is required.

SAP Developer

Deliver SAP technical solutions by performing unit testing and writing code, and demonstrate expert knowledge and experience working in an SAP BP model and SAP Finance scenarios.