Managed Services

ABS manages your IT infrastructure including servers, networks, telephone systems, desktops, and mobile devices, as well as provides cloud services, security systems, cabling services and technology hardware sales.

Traditional vs. ABS Managed Services

abs-ts managed servicesWith a traditional, “break-fix” or Time & Materials IT agreement, you pay for service as emergencies arise.
You wait until the server, desktop, or networking function fails; then you call someone who will charge you for that particular fix.
In this model, preventive maintenance and continuous monitoring/support are not driving incentives for the supporting organizationWhat is the cost of a server breakdown, What is the impact on your customer when your phone system is down?
In a Managed Service structure, it is in our best interest to keep your operation continually supported and running smoothly rather than making money supporting failures.
Budgeting for your IT becomes is predictable and easily forecasted with the confidence that huge spikes in expenses are a thing of the past.


Remote Monitoring

  • ABS leverages remote monitoring and management (RMM) technology as a foundation for delivery of industry leading technology support. Our system provides us with centralized and secure visibility into our clients’ technology infrastructure.  These powerful monitors alert ABS when IT issues are found, so we can resolve problems proactively, before they result in downtime.

Remote Support

  • Technology failures range from annoying to devastating for a business. Speed and quality of issue resolution are critical to keeping a business on track and focused.  ABS sees technology problems parallel with a flat tire.  You can’t drive a car with a flat tire, nor can you succeed with your business with failing technology.
  • Full featured remote support is the fastest way for any support organization to solve problems.

On-Site Support

  • While remote support is the most efficient resolution tool, on-site support still can be required and ABS is structured to deliver these services quickly and effectively.

Backup, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • ABS designs business continuity strategies that meet client business needs and budgets. Anything from simple off-site backup to full hot site synchronized disaster recovery in remote locations is available.

Depot Services

  • The ABS depot is a technology device supply chain model, customized to drive high availability and up time that replaces troubled IT assets with pre-configured spare and/or replacement devices as quickly as a business needs.
  • The ABS depot solution tracks and monitors IT assets throughout a customer’s facilities and reports on or integrates with asset tracking systems.
  • Any technology device can be inventoried, configured and managed

Reverse logistics services

  • Re-conditioning
  • Re-deployment
  • De-commissioning
  • Data destruction and certificates of destruction
  • Recycling


  • Workstations (Windows, Mac and Chrome)
  • Networks (LAN, WAN, Cloud)
  • Servers (Cloud and On Premise)
  • Phones
  • Mobile Devices Management (MDM)