Digital Integrator

From O to O, to Omnicanal and to the latest O+, retailers are loking for innovative solutions to boost their sales. ABS focuses on solutinos which really help our retail customers in their sales. Instore Digital Strategy to bring experiences in the stores in the US and take adavantage of the booming Chinese ecommerce market.

Digital Integrator

Instore Digital Strategy

Thanks to its extensive experience in Point of Sales digitalization, ABS is able to provide Return On Investment depending on the type of experience, the devices to be managed, the technology used (AR, VR, Multitouch, …). ABS assists you on floor map analysis, concept feasibility, technology integration, furniture integration management, final set up, on and offsite support as well as reverse logistic for devices. Blending digital agencies experience and IT services, ABS positions itself as your Digital Integrator.

Social ecommerce

Partnering with Europass, the European leading digital agency within the Wechat environment, ABS helps US brands to set up dedicated strategy on the number 1 social network in the world  (about 700 million users) to take advantage of the booming market of Chinese Individual Travelers to the US.

Crossborder ecommerce

ABS helps brands to take advantage of booming crossborder ecommerce, the fastest growing market online. From business model to local customer service, and thanks to a partner network, ABS assists its customers in generating revenues from their online stores.