Consulting Services

We are focusing on project management and very specific technical skills to help our customers to be successful when it comes to large IT projects.

Our Service

Throughout of the country, our consultants either remotely or onsite are here to assist you with your IT projects


Information Technology Consulting

Our teams of developers, Business Analysts, Data analysts or Architects can help you on most of your IT challenges

Example of skills on projects :

– SalesForce developer

– SAP Developer

– AWS Cloud

– Testing

– Google Analytics

– Microsoft Migration

Whether it is for a short expertise or a long term project, our consultants bring their expertise and profesionalism to your projects.

Project Management Assistance

ABS assits its customers in the different steps of their IT projects:

– Project Assessment

– Project Planning

– Requirement Analysis, Scope of Work,

– Make or Buy Decision

– Tender Management

– Resource Management

– Vendor Selection

– Project Control

– Project documentation

Our project managers know how to manage ambiguity and complexity as well as engage coworkers and stakeholders.

Change Management Project

ABS Change Managers team assists customers on diverse aspects of a Change Management Projects such as:

– Conduct impact & gap analyses

– Propose a change management strategy and plan

– Propose communication strategy and plan

РDeliver original and engaging multi-channel communications 

– Evaluate and ensure user readiness

– Provide input, document requirements and support the design and delivery of training programs

– Define and measure adoption metrics and monitor change progress

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

We bring together deep industry expertise and the latest IT advancements to deliver solutions that perfectly fit the needs of our customers

Our consultants can help to develop, implement and manage an effective IT strategy in smooth digital transformation as well as advise on improvements to your digital customer experience

Answers to Your Questions

Which industries do you cover ?

We have experts in a range of industries Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate, Retail and Finance.

Do you work onsite or remotely ?

As for the rest of us, the pandemic has changed the way we work woth our customers. Depending on the requirements of the project we adapt ourselves always keeping in mind the objective, milestones of the project and the health of our consultants.

How much does it cost ?

Our pricing is either project based or on Time & Materials dependng the maturity of the project and  the definition of the requirements.

How do you manage your consultants ?

We pride oursleves in being a very human company. at ABS, consultants are not numbers and we make sure everybody feels part of our family.

How long have you been in business ?

We have been in business for more than 25 years.