Business Solutions

The Business solutions department is in charge of providing solutions to dedicated verticals. ABS focuses on the new era of Trade show and exhibitions, mobile payment solutions and digital content management

Business Solutions

VR Trade shows and Conferences

Our platform enables you to run your trade show, exhibition, conference using the latest Virtual Reality technologies

Affordable, Sustainable, Safe and engaging our platform includes the following features:

– Realistic looking avatar with lip sync, eye, hand tracking

– 30×30 booth design

– 180 3D talk

– Customer engagement and workflow

– …..more features under development

International Mobile Payments solutions

For the retail industry, Mobile payment is now a must have. ABS concentrates on international mobile payment solutions for customers from Asia. With ABS, retailers can accept payment from international solutions like Wechatpay or Alipay and therefore attract more and more vistors from Asia to their stores.

Content Management

ABS solution enable brands to present their products in 3D and remotely manage collections for independent locations.

ABS engine automatically convert 3D content so that digital merchandiser can configurate collections remotely.

This solution is used in retail on digital windows, Tablets, multi touch tables ,..enabling brands to have a customized solution without requesting them to pay for additionnal development