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For more than 25 years,

we deliver Technology solutions, Project Management, IT consulting and digital transformation services that provide:

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Our services empower our clients to focus on running their businesses with the confidence that the technology they depend on is protected and there when they need it.

Managed Services from ABS

Remote Team in France

Today as a company you can have the best engineers on your projects wherever they are

As an engineer you can join innovative projects wherever you are

Technology Projects

Consulting Services

ABS always focuses on the business first and technology in relation to the business and not the other way around.

Our consultant are ready to help you on your projects. 

Managed Services from ABS

Digital Business Solutions

We bring you the most advanced technologies in Instore Marketing, social ecommerce, Crossborder and live streaming.

Our consultant are ready to help you on your projects. 

Why Us


Digital transformation urges companies to change and adapt. Companies with agile and usage centric IT organization will be the winners in this revolution.


From day to day running of your IT opeations to disruptive technology, ABS is here to serve and help its customers to leverage the digital revolution.

20 year experience

ABS has been serving customers in Los Angeles Area for more than 20 years. Over all these years, ABS has always focused on technologies which bring value to its customers.

Industrial Platform

Over the years, ABS has developed powerful and innovative tools to improve Quality of Service and Consistency of service.

Human Approach

At ABS, we know our success is based on the quality of our consultants and the human relationship with our customers.

Competitive Pricing

At ABS, Added Value is the key word, not Price. Whatever we do, creating value for our customers is our driver.

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