Consulting Services

The digitalization of the world requires more and more expertise in different technologies. ABS accompany small and large businesses in these important choices for their future.

Consulting  & Technology Services

Business Process Analysis and Cloud Assessment, Technology Architecture

ABS-TS Technology projectsA technology solution should never be implemented if the business requirements are not fully understood. ABS focuses on the people, process and technology that are the foundation and driving force that technology is here to support and enhance.

ABS always focuses on the business first and technology in relation to the business and not the other way around. Whether an organization is moving, upgrading existing systems or migrating to the cloud, assessing each business process and how it will function in the new environment is critical to success and often provides valuable insight and critical alterations in technology strategy

After a full understanding of a client’s business, ABS presents technology architecture, services and solutions and works with the client to refine options to meet budgetary constraints and ensure business alignment.

Project Management Assistance


ABS assits its customers in the different steps of their IT project.

Requirement Analysis, Scope of Work, Make or Buy Decision, Tender Management, Vendor Selection, Project Follow-up, Final Acceptance

Offshore Application Development

Thanks to partnership in South East Asia and Eastern Europe, ABS is able to offer the most cost effective path to application developement (Website, Mobile Apps, IT Applications). As not all IT projects are compatible with offshoring, ABS will first assess the “offshorability” of your project.

Depending on the type od technology & vertical, ABS will select the most appropriate partner to deliver the porject and manage it up to final delivery.

Channel Management

ABS assists ISV in setting up Sales Channel and local support center for Software and Technology vendors willing to enter the US Market. From opportunity survey to direct sales, ABS offers different plans adapted to market opportunity and vendors strategy.