Cloud Solutions

We believe that cloud is a major and long term shift in the way companies manage their infrastructures. However, it is not a straight forward path and it requires help of experts to take the most of it.

Challenges of traditional on site server model

Advantages of Cloud Model

Capital investment

Need for proper data center including:

  • Security
  • Cooling
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and possibly generator(s)
  • Fire protection

Servers require investment to purchase and fault tolerance including storage area networks (SAN’s) and virtual design require even more investment for initial purchase

No up-front capital expense other than conversion costs from existing environment

Operating Costs

Need for staff to monitor and manage server hardware, virtualization software, operating systems, SAN’s, redundancy and backup

Increased square footage requirements for data center, increased electricity cost to run severs, cool the environment and charge batteries for UPS equipment.

No staff required to manage hardware and virtual software

Smaller data center space required, less cooling required, reducing recurring expenses


Growth requires increased capital and operating expenses to acquire the hardware to handle it
Increases in computing power for growth are available immediately and at any time with small incremental cost and no capital expenditures. The opposite is flexible as well – if you need less computing power, your costs go down.

Risk of catastrophic failure

How much does it cost to fully implement the proper security, cooling, general data center requirements, and power redundancy.

How many companies have multiple redundant high availability servers and storage which require major investment

Fully redundant, fault tolerant servers and storage as well as ability to provide hot/synchronized backups and virtual servers in multiple geographically diverse locations based on business requirements. Further, advanced security, full power grid support via UPS and generators are all included for all servers

ABS Managed Cloud Solution

Our Cloud solution offers a comprehensive End to End solution with

Cloud Maturity Assesment

including evaluation of your readiness to Cloud migration, Gap analysis and financial impact of the switch (ROI).

Cloud Implementation Roadmap

including planning, milestones, KPI and business continuity planning

Cloud Migration

from Proof of Concept to Mass migrations

Cloud Security and compliance

ABS Technology Services Cloud SolutionsCloud Security and compliance is a major topic when it comes to migrate from on premise infrastructure to a cloud organization. ABS is able to keep your infrastructure up-to-date with your industry standards (HIPAA, PCI, SOX,…) and all security policies to put in place to cope with these standards (back-ups, encryption, penetration testing, …..)

Cloud scalability and Automation

Cloud scalability and Automation are two of the main reasons to make the move. ABS deployment tools enable our customer to benefit from a scalable infrastructure to pay as they grow and automation to optimize time to market of their applications as we shift from a one-or twice a year releases to a new model companies with monthly, weekly and even daily releases.

Cloud for IoT:

Today every device, any appliance has to be connected. These devices are every day producing more data and our customer need to manage and process these data. At ABS, we help our customers to define their cloud strategy for IoT.

Service Levels and Pricing:

ABS can offer two types of pricing: per level of service delivered or per business function usage. Please contact us to know which one is more suitable to you.