Case Studies

Asset Management for automotive industry

This nationwide company is interested in ABS capability to monitor all technology devices in 33 locations nationwide.

ABS is in charge of managing and support devices remotely. This implies configuration and deployment new devices as well as replacement of deffective ones without the need for onsite resources.

The scope includes about 1,000 devices, spare management including reverse logistics,  24/7 helpdesk support and remote monitoring.

The benefits for our customer are

  • High availability delivered for all locations
  • Improve their customer satisfaction by reducing waiting times
  • Increase sales by reducing down times of the machines.
Consulting for choice of ERP

This customer was about to select an ERP software when they asked advice from ABS.

ABS consutling approach enables the customer to reengineer its slection process to define the most suitable ERP.

The scope of ABS intervention includes review of the customer technical and functional requirements, tender management, Assesment of the different solutions, Gap analysis of the selected ERP and supervision of the implementation.

The benefits are :

  • Selection of the right solution after selected the wrong one before ABS intervention
  • Smooth hange management process during implementation
Network Security Management for film industry

This digital film company wants to secure its assets (films) throughout its internal and external network and selects ABS for its ability to deliver both flexible internal access while providing external security.

The scope of the projet covers monitoring of networking devices to connect and secure 300 workstations.

ABS is aslo in, charge of implementation of securiry compliance policies and procedures.

The results are :

  • Avoided intrusion in customer’s network and access to digitial assets (which happened to our customer’s competitors)
  • Maintained investors and executive confidence
Cloud solutions for pharmaceutical industry

Our customer was looking for increased performance and availability for remote users as well as flexibility.

The customer selected ABS cloud solution for 200+ remote users which implied migration all onsite servers to ABS cloud as well as remote monitoring and support.

The results :

  • Smooth transition from on premise to cloud
  • Application performance increase of over 200%
  • Achievement of uptime goals.
Managed Services for film industry

This company is looking was an international support (Europe and Asia).

Through partnership, ABS was able to offer international coverage.

The scope of the support covers : Security management, server management, phone systems and workstations management.

The benefits for our customer :

  • Remote support with minimal onsite intervention
  • Met and exceeded customer SLA
  • Established continuous improvement based on effective knowledge base strategy.